Milan Accord for Manpower Agencies

Integrating Field and Backoffice Operations

End-to-end Manpower Management Systems

Empowering manpower agencies to be more Organized, Efficient, Productive and Profitable

Centralized attendance system for employees working in multiple locations

Monitor employee locations in real-time and ensure that patrolling routes are strictly followed

Create shift rosters and assign multiple shifts to employees

Employee payroll systems integrated with attendance and leave management modules

Assign tasks to employees and monitor performance

Manage contract employees, uniform purchases and distribution, performance inspections and much more

Comprehensive reports for your clients with details on working hours and tasks performed at each location

We guarantee a significant increase in efficiency, reduction in operating costs and happier clients

Starts at INR 4995/month

For demo, contact ramya@milanity.com or call +91 95008 88068